Tuesday, 1 June 2010

sukan taski abim..(part 2)

From sukan taski                                                                                                        lari susun tin
From sukan taski                                                                                                     seronok dengan kostum
From sukan taski
From sukan taski                                                                                                     kawal handsome dengan tarbus
From sukan taski
From sukan taski 
From sukan taski                                                                                                     bakal photographer
From sukan taski                                                                                                    piala kemenangan
From sukan taski                                                                                                    mengejar garisan penamat
From sukan taski                                                                                                     no 1
From sukan taski
From sukan taski
From sukan taski


Nerzhul said...

hepy je bebudak ni. teringat mase kecik dulu.

APAN said...

nice photo bro...:)

man said...

nerzhul..best jadi budak kan..

zul said...

jom slmtkan gaza!

MissXYZ said...

gmbr cun... klu nk mintk ambik gmbr kawen mst boleh kn... =)

keep in touch bro

Rafael Lam said...

Wow, great shots!
I like the first pic, besides want to know what are they playing,
also want to know how do you take this angle...
The black and white close up shot of the kid is also spectacular!

man said...

xyz..tak pandai amek gambar kawin le..hehe

thnz rafael..they are trying to grab these cans and run to the end of finish line to stack a triangle and i raise my camera above my head then shoot..

Rafael Lam said...

Thank you, learned something from you! ^.^

baincardin said...


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